2015 IOMOTC Scholarship Information

The Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. is offering one $300 Scholarship based on need and four $100 Scholarships chosen at random to any mother or father of multiples. Applicants must have completed coursework during the Fall 2014, Winter 2014/2015, Spring 2015, or Summer 2015 semesters. (Proof of course completion is required by September 1, 2015.) Recipients of the Scholarships will be asked to attend the 2014 IOMOTC Convention Luncheon in October for a formal presentation.

The following requirements must be met:

  • Mother/Father of Multiple Birth Children (twins, triplets, quads, or more)
  • Complete the course with the equivalent of a “C” or better grade (in the event of a Pass/Fail option, complete with a “Pass”)
  • Demonstrate participation (past and present) in IOMOTC, Local MOTC or other community activities.
  • Establish a financial need (only to apply for the $300 scholarship).  If you submit an application for the $300 scholarship and are not the recipient you will be considered for one of the $100 scholarships chosen at random
  • Be involved in accredited coursework in a GED Program, Trade/Technical School, or College/University
  • Provide proof of enrollment, completion of coursework and final grade by September 1, 2015
  • Must be a resident of Illinois or current member of IOMOTC
  • Must not have been recipient of the 2014 IOMOTC Scholarship


  • Applications can be downloaded, saved and submitted as an e-mail attachment.
  • Please submit application to the IOMOTC Scholarship Chairman.
  • Scholarship applicants will be e-mailed by September 5, 2015 or sooner acknowledging receipt of a scholarship application.
  • Scholarship recipients will be selected and notified prior to September 22.

If you need any further information or to submit your application, please contact the IOMOTC Scholarship Chairman:
Kathy Schmitt
2776 Glendower Terrace
Elgin, IL 60124
E-mail: (e-mail preferred)
Phone: 847.697.7806

If you mail you applications – please send an e-mail to Kathy letting her know that your application has been sent in the mail.

Any e-mails sent to Kathy should include: “IOMOTC – Scholarship” as part of the subject line.

 Click here to download, save and complete the $300 Scholarship Application.

Click here to download, save and complete the $100 Scholarship Application.

Click here to download the IOMOTC Scholarship TriFold.