The Morenos Family

We are honored to introduce you to The Mighty Morenos: Jorge Sr., Judy, Elly, Rory and Jorge Jr. who is watching over from heaven. Judy is a fantastic mom and amazing friend to all. She joined Clusters while pregnant and to know her, is to love her. Judy is woman with an amazing outlook on life who embraces all things handed to her. She has shared her story of loss and has offered assistance to several other MOMs that have suffered the same pain. Judy never rejects the opportunity to help others and now it is our turn to help her family in their time of need.

On April 29, 2011, after eight weeks on bedrest, Judy delivered Jorge Jr., Ellyssandra (Elly), and Rory at 29 weeks.Three days after their birth Judy and her husband Jorge were notified that Elly has Down Syndrome.

On May 13, while still learning to cope with Elly’s diagnosis, they were told that their “strongest baby” Jorge Jr. took a turn for the worst and after two days of fighting in the NICU Jorge Jr. passed away from Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC). Needless to say, this was devastating.

Elly and Rory came home on June 16, 2011 with sleep apnea and heart rate monitors and remained on them until October 31, 2011. In 2012/2013, both had ear tubes put in and Elly had a bronchial scope done at the same time. The bronchial scope confirmed that Elly has laryngomalacia. 

Going into 2013-2014, Elly began to have problems with weight gain and there were serious talks of a feeding tube. The results of the swallow study showed that Elly had silent aspiration. Elly was then given a script for feeding therapy and put on a strict diet of puréed foods and thickened liquids.

Currently, four year old Elly is in need of a therapy dog, feeding chair and other various types of therapies. She was recently diagnosed with having an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Rory is also in need of therapy and the out of pocket costs are climbing. They have an extensive team of doctors and therapists working with the both of them. Please join Clusters as we raise funds for this amazing family!