The Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. (IOMOTC) was founded in 1962 as an Illinois non-profit, educational, public service organization for mothers of twins and higher order multiple birth children. IOMOTC provides support, information, and networking services to parents of twins and higher order multiples through its member club affiliates.  IOMOTC is proud to serve multiple birth families in Illinois through its scholarship program, Special Needs Assistance Fund, speakers’ bureau, quarterly publication, and annual conference.

IOMOTC also serves as a liaison with the Multiples of America (MoA), also known as National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc., a network of local clubs nationwide whose basic purposes are research and education.

What Can A Local Club Offer You?

The responsibility of raising multiple birth children can be overwhelming! Whether you have just found out you are expecting twins or triplets, or your children are just heading off to school, you are undoubtedly excited about the countless pleasures and challenges in your future. You may sometimes wonder if you can handle the responsibilities of parenting two or more children born at the same time. At times, you may be flooded with emotions, both positive and negative, as you realize that your life has changed forever. And as you marvel at your children’s development when they enter each new phase in their lives, you may question if you will make the right decisions that will help your children grow as individuals while not breaking the unique bonds of twinship.

One of the best ways to feel more confident about yourself and your role as a mother of multiples is to talk with other women in a similar position–mothers who understand exactly what you are going through and who know how comforting it can be to talk with someone who has experienced the same things.

One of the best things a mother of twins can do for herself is join a local Mothers of Twins Club.

Local Mothers of Twins Clubs provide group and one-on-one support. Clubs usually meet once a month, with meeting topics ranging from informative guest speakers and workshops, to informal round table discussions and social activities. Most clubs also share information with their members through their local newsletters. In addition, many clubs sponsor special activities, such as holiday parties and summer picnics for the entire family, appreciation days, mom and tots day outings, and used clothing, toy and equipment sales.

Local clubs promote friendship and networking by bringing mothers of multiples together to work on specialprojects benefiting their communities. Some clubs fundraise for local charities, help out at telethons, donate items to social service agencies, or pledge their talents and services. Many clubs also promote service within their club, through Big/Little Sister mentoring, Meals for Moms, and assistance to those with special needs children. Local Mothers of Twins Clubs give their members an opportunity to network and share in the joy and challenges faced by parents today. But most importantly, members discover they are not alone! The best advice you could EVER take regarding your multiples is to contact the local Mothers of Twins Club nearest you!

Membership in the Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs is through one of the local club affiliates. Membership dues, payable through the local club, are $8.00 a year. By joining an IOMOTC-affiliated local Mothers of Twins Club in the community, members not only enjoy the many benefits of local club membership, but they also gain the many benefits and services of IOMOTC membership.

What Can IOMOTC Offer You? 

The Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. offers a variety of member services and benefits:

  • IOMOTC provides information on child development and parenting, especially with regard to twins and higher order multiples
  • IOMOTC maintains contact with doctors, researchers, social service agencies, and educators in order to promote awareness of issues specifically related to multiple birth children
  • IOMOTC keeps a voluntary data bank of information on members and their multiples in order to make referrals when members have special needs and to compile statistical reports for the membership.
  • IOMOTC publishes a quarterly newsletter, SAGA, to keep members informed and to help member clubs throughout Illinois stay in touch with each other.
  • IOMOTC holds an annual convention in October which features educational workshops, social activities, business meetings, and informal networking among members and member clubs.
  • IOMOTC supports an annual philanthropic project to raise funds in support of an organization benefitting families or children.
  • IOMOTC offers a needs-based financial assistance fund to help Illinois multiple birth families faced with the financial hardship of raising a special needs or chronically ill child.
  • IOMOTC awards scholarships to parents of multiples committed to continuing their education.
  • IOMOTC maintains a speaker’s bureau to help local clubs find speakers on a variety of issues related to twins, women and children, families, and parenting.
  • IOMOTC provides information on the activities of other multiple birth groups, especially the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc.

Most important, IOMOTC gives women across the state of Illinois the opportunity to share in the unique and special bond of being a mother of multiples.